Can Knee Sleeves Help Prevent Injuries?

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leg-pressesMany competitive athletes report relief from pain and a feeling of increased stability in the knee when wearing compression knee sleeves. Distance runners, power lifters and crossfitters have taken cues from Olympic athletes and Strongman champions, and use knee sleeves in workouts and competition for support, warmth and injury prevention. Knee sleeves can enhance your form, keep your joints tracking correctly and stabilize your knees in dynamic moves.

Doctors, trainers and physical therapists can advise you on an overall course of action for your specific goals and sport. A well-constructed Neoprene knee sleeve can help improve your performance in several ways.

From the moment you put it on, the sleeve keeps your joint warm, increasing blood flow and helping reduce inflammation. AS you begin your workout, you will feel the sleeve stabilizing your knee, especially in dynamic or plyometric moves. The support offered to the knee helps prevent a number of risk factors for injury. Athletes wearing sleeves report less joint pain and increased feelings of strength. The all-over compression offered by the sports-specific neoprene aids in repair and recovery, too. Many athletes report less soreness the day after a heavy lift day when using the sleeves. All trainers and athletes will agree that the best injury repair is prevention! (If you’ve had any kind of serious knee injury or reconstruction, talk to your sports medicine doctor to find out how to incorporate knee sleeves into your training and rehabilitation plan.)

Many athletes will switch out their sleeves depending on how heavy they’re working out that day. Workt knee sleeves are anatomically-shaped to the knee, come in several different grades and thicknesses of performance Neoprene. (In fact, switching out the sleeves every day in order to let them dry and air out is advisable.) This is also a matter of personal preference. As you get used to the feeling of the sleeve, and how it impacts your stretching and strengthening techniques, you may decide you prefer the tighter, more heavy-duty sleeve.

A monster workout plan should also be a smart workout plan. Push yourself to your limits with the right gear, designed to maximize the potential in your workout.

Make sure that you air out the sleeves or even wash them between wearings. Check out performance gear created by top designers for weights and jumps. Get ready to power your workouts with the warmth, support and guidance of knee sleeves!

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