The Elements of a Successful Weight Loss Program

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weightlossEvery weight loss program should start at your doctor’s office. Your doctor can determine how much and what type of exercise is safe for you. He or she can set your proper caloric intake and show you how to stay within those limits. Your target weight may not be your healthy weight. A physician will know what your proper weight should be and establish a safe time frame in which to reach your weight loss goal.

One of the first habits you have to change is your shopping habits. One theory on dieting states that it is better to eat a series of small meals throughout the day rather than 2 or 3 larger meals. Subscribe to that school of thought and you will be able to snack throughout the day. But, you need to munch on fruits, nuts, vegetables, and granola, and whole grains.

Now that you have made the decision to lose weight and have gone to the doctor and the grocery the next challenge is to stay motivated. In a place where it won’t be out of sight and out of mind post a list of the reason(s) you want to slim down. Add to that list all the invisible benefits of maintaining a healthy weight. Better heart health, reduced risk of diabetes, less stress on your joints, and a minimized risk of developing other chronic diseases.

Analyze past attempts to lose weight that weren’t as successful as you had hoped. By understanding what went wrong in the past you can avoid the same pitfalls in the future. Maybe it wasn’t the right time to start a weight loss program. Yes, there really are wrong times to try and shed a few pounds. Major life changes and the stress that can accompany them can impede your success.

Elicit the support of friends and family. Those who care about you may have to change a few habits as well. Even though they do it to be polite, ask them not to tempt you with unhealthy foods. Don’t be afraid to ask them to acknowledge your success. If you have friends and relatives who want to drop a few pounds make it a friendly competition. If you need a little guidance, enroll in a program like the one offered by the National Institute of Health and Fitness.

Divide your program up into individual goals. Reward yourself every time you drop a specified number of pounds. Make the treat a night-on-the-town or some little extravagance you’ve been wanting. After all, you’ve earned that reward.

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